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Cheque Based Private Finance in Chennai

JMS finance services provide unsecured business loan in Chennai as well as for all the business across Tamil Nadu.

Based on your monthly transaction or bank credits of above 15 Lakhs we provide unsecured business loan from 5 Lakhs to 5 crores within 24 hours. You can choose the repayment method either monthly or weekly. The mode of payment is cheque where you also get funds through RTGS within 48 hrs.

We understand your requirement and our representatives will collect all document at your doorstep. Take your business to next level. Avail loan now – 7305353477

Eligibility – Monthly Transactions/ Bank Credits should be above 15 Lakhs*.

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We are the leaders - Trusted Loan Agency in Chennai

Drive your business to new heights with JMS financial service unsecured business loan. Our Collateral-free unsecured business loans are assessed based on cash-flow potential, allowing businesses to execute their growth plans without delay.

JMS financial services continues to lead with the brand legacy of trust, integrity, transparency, and excellence. We have dedicated ourselves to providing our valued customers with the best products and services. Every customer can utilise our specially curated loan and service offerings to achieve their new goals with ease.

It can be difficult to run or grow a firm when one must constantly maintain the necessary financial flow. Getting the finances, a business needs at the correct moment can be made much easier with the aid of a business loan. If the eligibility requirements are satisfied, applying for small business loans at JMS finance service is quite convenient, and the money is disbursed fast. Let’s examine how these loans might be tailored to your company’s needs.

A company may be able to improve its office space or open a new branch with the aid of an unsecured business loan. During this expansion period, it can also meet the financial requirements for expanding the staff, recruiting specialists, or increasing the inventory. Additionally, you can effectively employ an unsecured business loan to make sure that you don’t cut corners on upkeep and repairs. Additionally, it aids companies in debt relief, enabling business owners to pursue new opportunities with a financial safety net.

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I have not faced any difficulties when applied for JMS Business loan. And very good service. Customer oriented service. Once get the details from customer follow up done correctly and process took just 24 hours.


Excellent service.... Formalities got completed in first half of the day and money credited in the second half, He has arranged loan for me for my business I got 10 lakhs for my petrol pump

Sathish KumarChennai

I have to establish my new business unit in Chennai. However, I need instant money to fulfill my requirements. Thanks to JMS Finance, from where I got a working capital loan of Rs 10 lacs in no time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a unsecured business loan?

    An unsecured business loan is a loan that doesn’t require security. A secured loan uses assets as security — which means if things don’t work out, the lender can sell the assets to recoup the cost of the loan.

    What are all the steps to apply for unsecured business loan?

    1. Visit our website and fill in the details
    2. Provide your KYC and Income documents
    3. The application is then processed for loan verification
    4. Get your loan approval in quick TAT

    That’s it! The loan is credited to your bank account through IMPS transaction

    Eligibility – Monthly Transactions/ Bank Credits should be above 15 Lakhs.

    What is the rate of interest on unsecured loans?

    The RoI is of dynamic nature and hence changes according to the market segments. So, there are no fixed criteria based on ROI. We at JMS Finance, provide the best funding solutions and help borrowers arrange the cheapest cost of borrowing.

    How much time does it take to get the loan?

    An unsecured loan is also known as a quick business loan. This is because the turnaround time to get the funds in your accounts will be as low as 48 hours.

    How JMS Finance helps in unsecured loans?

    Being one of the most modernized and highly specialized finance facilitators in Chennai, we understand the requirement and the urgency of the funds for your business. JMS Finance always tries harder to arrange the best financial services for all our customers and make the process convenient. Unsecured funding is one of our best services and our team of experts helps effortlessly to arrange all the possible outcomes to make the process hassle-free.

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    Hello!!! Is your monthly transaction is above 20 lakhs? You are eligible for Unsecured Business Loan.